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A CN-KCS is ideally positioned to realize the full benefits of the new USMCA, benefitting employees, customers, communities and the economies of the connected continent. With industry-leading safety technology, a superior environmental performance, and an unparalleled network, this railroad combination will enhance competition, create jobs and reduce GHG emissions

How the CN-KCS Combination Will Enhance Competition

Faster Direct Routes

There are a wide variety of transportation options in the center of the U.S. including rails, highways and barges on the Mississippi River system. We will create faster, more direct routes that will enhance multimodal competition and maximize choice.

New Opportunities

The combined CN-KCS lines will offer new opportunities for customers. For example, grain shippers in Illinois will have new access to multi-modal service to East St. Louis and new direct single-line service to the Mexican market and to ports in Mobile and New Orleans.

Continued Investment

$250 million in infrastructure investments across CN and KCS lines and creation of new access points and interchange options will result in more efficiency, more capacity and more opportunities for employees and communities.

Robust Choice

Our commitment to preserving existing gateways on commercially reasonable terms ensures that shippers will enjoy the same routing options that they do today. In addition, CN has committed to a divestiture of a 70-mile section of track between Baton Rouge and New Orleans that ensures no shipper will see a reduction in the number of railroads serving their plant.



Combined workforce across Canada, U.S. and Mexico with an unwavering commitment to safety



Network of contiguous track running from British Columbia to Nova Scotia and Ontario to Veracruz facilitating the efficient movement of cargo


Ports and major rail hubs served across Canada, U.S. and Mexico



Charitable contributions made by CN over the last four years


Successful acquisition integrations that benefitted all stakeholders



CN-KCS: Connecting the Continent