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Safety Culture

Safety is a core value at CN. The safety of CN’s people, customers and the communities in which we operate is the foundation for our best-in-class service. We are continually innovating through our ongoing investment in advanced technology throughout the network, including

  • FRA-approved automated safety track inspection railcars for real-time monitoring of track parameters
  • Automated 360-degree inspection portals that detect defects not visible to the eye at track speed
  • An unrivalled ecosystem of static rail-side detectors that capture 8 million data points per day, for use in predictive maintenance of rolling stock
  • Positive train control (PTC) throughout the U.S. network, which automatically stops a train if a collision sensed
  • Centralized traffic control across the system, which centralizes routing decisions to single train dispatcher


Machine learning algorithms focused on automated train inspection and 24/7 surveillance to anticipate safety needs


More train inspections due to automation, resulting in fewer incidents


Reduction in train incidents in 2020

$25 million

Saved in Q1 2021 compared to previous year