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The CN–KCS Combination Creates Competitive Advantage for Customers (Disponible en anglais seulement)

More than 1,700 support letters have been written by customers and stakeholders to the Surface Transportation Board (STB). There are four compelling reasons why:

Today, customers across the continent have to use a combination of railroads just to ship their goods from point A to point B. Every time they “interchange” to a different railroad, it costs time. Our combination will eliminate interchanges between rail carriers on many routes, such as Detroit to Mexico City, saving an estimated 24 to 36 hours for every interchange that is avoided. This is similar to eliminating connecting layovers in favor of direct flights. Reduced transit time means increased reliability, shorter equipment cycle times and, ultimately, fewer railcars needed to move the same amount of product.


Widespread Benefit – In our STB filings, we have detailed how our single-line service would benefit six major market segments:

  • Grain
  • Intermodal
  • Importers, exporters, and ocean carriers who rely on ports
  • Automobiles and automotive parts
  • Lumber
  • Plastics and petroleum

We have made a wide variety of commitments to preserve shippers’ choice. These include divesting the relatively small amount of track where CN and KCS overlap, and offering to keep all gateways open on commercially reasonable terms. In practice, the combination of these steps means that all of the routing options that are available today will continue to be available after the merger.


No Existing Choices Eliminated – Despite misleading claims to the contrary, examination reveals current customer choice will remain robust in Louisiana and Mississippi—and in cities such as Omaha, Council Bluffs, St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield.

Because we are increasing both speed and choice, many of our joint customers will experience meaningful supply-chain cost reductions. The increase in speed translates directly into efficiency cost savings, and the increase in choice creates more negotiation power to bid out freight business. New direct services also create the opportunity to consolidate shipments into high demand markets and give customers the ability to take advantage of scale price discounts for big blocks and unit trains.


Increased Resiliency – New routing options create resiliency and market liquidity while also offering customers the flexibility to pivot between supply chains to mitigate disruptions that occasionally result from winter weather and events such as floods, hurricanes and pipeline outages.

Customers in four major regions with have new direct access to millions of consumers in key markets

The CN-KCS combination will create a safer, faster, cleaner and stronger railway and is a direct result of listening and responding to your needs for improved market access and reliable service at competitive costs.

If you have questions or would like to show your support, please reach out to your Account Manager.