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On May 21, 2021, Canadian National (CN) and Kansas City Southern (KCS) signed a definitive agreement to combine. Together, CN and KCS will create the premier railway for the 21st century, connecting ports in the United States, Mexico and Canada to expand North American trade and power economic prosperity. CN and KCS will together realize the full benefits of the USMCA, benefitting employees, customers, communities and the economies of the connected continent.

The combined company will be a safer, faster, cleaner and stronger railroad by competing head-to-head at a lower cost, with safer service and better fuel efficiency on key routes from Mexico through the heartland of America.


Enhancing Competition

Our Vision for the Next Century

The CN-KCS Advantage

The combined company will offer more: choice and efficiencies for customers, greater fuel and carbon efficiency, opportunities for employees, robust investment in local communities, and safety improvements through technological infrastructure and investment. CN-KCS will be a faster, safer, cleaner, and stronger railway.


  • Uncompromising commitment to safety, marked by strong safety culture and ongoing investments in advanced technology
  • Densest track fault detector network in the U.S.
  • Automated track inspection railcars for real-time monitoring of track parameters
  • Automated inspection portals for 360-degree detection of defects invisible to the eye


  • More end-to-end single-owner, single operator services from Mexico to Detroit than any other Class 1 railroad
  • New competitive option to reduce travel time between Laredo to Detroit by up to two days with CN’s Chicago Advantage
  • New direct and efficient rail options for truck freight from Mexico to the Northeast U.S. and Canada
  • Record of superior service at the borders and proven success with intermodal, reducing friction for customers across transportation modes


  • Combination will create new competitive routes accelerating the shift from truck to rail, driving down greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption and congestion
  • Recognized for its actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop the low-carbon economy as one of only three Canadian companies listed on CDP’s prestigious Climate A List


  • Seamless integration as a result of CN’s proven track record of acquisitions over the past 25 years
  • Increased connectivity between the U.S., Canada and Mexico will increase economic growth, trade and jobs in all three countries, reinforcing the benefits of the renegotiated USMCA
  • Combined CN-KCS will focus on delivering long-term sustainable growth for our employees, customers and communities
  • By driving more growth, CN-KCS will generate more new jobs in communities